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Waikiki offers the perfect climate for one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. It has some the fairest weather you will ever find. Most days the temperature is between 75°F and 85°F with light breezes. Annual rainfall is less than 25 inches with the most rain in the months of November, December and January. The temperature of the ocean varies from a summertime high of approximately 82°F, to a low of about 76°F during the coolest winter months.

Oahu has a tropical climate but with many variations within short distances on the island. This is because there are greater variations between elevations and coast exposures (leeward or windward) than in temperatures or seasons. The southern side of the island, near Honolulu and Waikiki Beach receives much less rainfall than the North and west (or leeward) sides. There are two mountain ranges that influence the climate of Oahu – both serve to block trade wind moisture from reaching the South and southwestern sides of the island, thus resulting in the drier climate. In the Waikiki area, yearly rainfall is 25 inches (with most of that occurring in November through March), as compared to Manoa Valley, which is just a few miles away upland, and receives 158 inches. Overall, Oahu enjoys warm, balmy weather year round, with moderate humidity and no extremes. The weather on the Hawaiian Islands is simply unsurpassed as the world’s finest. Two thousand miles from the West coast of the United States you’ll find the pleasant breezes and air of the Pacific Ocean on the 8 Hawaiian Islands. The seventy plus temperatures are maintained year round by the high water temperatures in the area. The Hawaiian Islands in general and Waikiki get rave reviews the world over for their unique and desirable environment. Interestingly, outside of the usual clear skies and warmth, the Hawaiian weather can be different from one side of an island to the other. Something to consider when going from your Waikiki hotel or condo for an excursion around the mountain ranges is that for every 300 meter increase in altitude the temperature decreases about 3 degrees.

Oahu Weather Forecast
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Monthly Climate Summary

Month High Low Rainfall
January 80.9°F 64.6°F 3.65 in.
February 81.0°F 64.7°F 2.36 in.
March 82.0°F 66.3°F 2.61 in.
April 83.3°F 67.9°F 1.39 in.
May 84.9°F 69.1°F 1.44 in.
June 86.5°F 71.3°F 0.62 in.
July 87.4°F 72.6°F 0.78 in.
August 88.3°F 73.0°F 0.79 in.
September 88.3°F 72.3°F 0.95 in.
October 86.9°F 71.3°F 2.20 in.
November 84.3°F 69.5°F 3.47 in.
December 81.9°F 66.7°F 3.87 in.
Avg./Tot. 84.6°F 69.1°F 24.13 in.
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