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The history of Kona-Kailua, on the Big Island of Hawaii, includes Hawaiian royalty, Christian missionaries and Captain James Cook. The memorial to Cook, who was killed at Kealakekua Bay, stands at the site of excellent kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Experience the exotic and stunning beaches – white sand, black sand, green sand and a variety of shades in between. Don’t forget the waterfalls, volcanoes, luaus, seahorse farm, whale and dolphin sightings, sea turtles and, of course, the world famous Kona coffee.

Big, Bold, Beautiful
Why do more visitors who are returning to the Hawaiian Islands come back to the Island of Hawaii (“the Big Island”) than any other island? The reasons read like a fantasy checklist of adventure: a user-friendly erupting volcano, another volcano sometimes capped with snow in winter, beaches covered with (take your pick) white, black or green sand, an ocean offering superb snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing, powerful native Hawaiian cultural sites from antiquity and today, delicious international dining where “Hawaii Regional Cuisine” was born, visitor-friendly farms and orchards growing world-famous coffee, macadamia nuts, exotic fruits and flowers, world-class resorts and quaint bed &breakfasts, golf courses that are both challenging and gorgeous—we could go on and on-not to mention an island containing eleven of the fourteen world ecosystems! We invite you to hele mai—come along!

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