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The Geographic Setting
Summit County is located among the high peaks of the Colorado Rockies, just on the west side of the Continental Divide. Dillon, Colorado is a lakeside, mountain resort community located in the center of the world’s greatest ski resorts. Perhaps the County’s most majestic characteristic is its towering altitude, from a low of 7,947 feet above sea level at Green Mountain Reservoir, to a skyscraping 14,270 feet at Gray’s Peak. This high and dry climate blesses the region with powdery white champagne snow in the winter and pleasantly warm, sunny days in the summer. Crisp, cool mornings and bright, sunny days; that’s a Rocky Mountain summer! Several mountain ranges converge in the County, including portions of the Gore Range, the Tenmile Range, and the Front Range. Afternoon mountain thunderstorms are common in the summer as are bright starry nights uncluttered by city lights!

Dillon Weather Forecast
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Dillon Monthly Climate Summary

Month High Low Rain Snow
January 31.3°F -1.1°F 1.09 in. 18.5 in.
February 34.0°F 1.3°F 1.16 in. 18.7 in.
March 39.0°F 7.6°F 1.43 in. 22.1 in.
April 47.7°F 17.3°F 1.62 in. 18.1 in.
May 58.5°F 25.6°F 1.43 in. 7.3 in.
June 68.8°F 31.4°F 1.15 in. 0.8 in.
July 74.2°F 37.1°F 1.85 in. 0.0 in.
August 72.5°F 35.8°F 1.78 in. 0.0 in.
September 66.2°F 28.7°F 1.35 in. 1.7 in.
October 55.3°F 20.2°F 1.07 in. 7.6 in.
November 40.9°F 9.8°F 1.01 in. 15.2 in.
December 32.8°F 1.2°F 1.10 in. 17.5 in.
Avg./Tot. 51.8°F 17.9°F 16.04 in. 127.5 in.
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